The Lost Mines of Phandelver

The Cragmaw Caves, Pt II

In which a "magic" pot saves our heroes from certain doom.

When we last left our heroes, they had encountered Yeemik, the power-hungry second-in-command of the Cragmaw goblins in the caves. He offered to spare the life of Sildar Hallwinter and let the party go free if they merely kill Klarg so Yeemik can take control of the tribe.

The characters debated this offer, but apparently not quickly enough for Yeemik’s taste. He grew weary of waiting and threw Sildar down the escarpment to his doom. Luckily Bing had been near the base of the cliff to gain cover as he healed and was able to save Sildar from certain death. It was a long battle, but at last the heroes found themselves and Sildar alive and all the goblins dead. Along with a few silver pieces and gold teeth they found an interesting whistle carved from wood but it looked like gold.

More curious was that the brave half-orc paladin Sir Pretok looked quite disheveled—his shiny metal armor seemed to be falling apart, as did his longsword and even his facial features seemed half-formed. Devon pointed this out and Sir Pretok laughed and admitted he was no half-orc nor a paladin, removed the foil that had covered his leather armor and made his rapier seem like a longsword, took off a false nose, and then bowed to the group. “I am, in fact, the greatest rogue in the Sword Coast. ”/characters/pytor" class=“wiki-content-link”>Pytor is my name." Bink and Devon, oddly enough, didn’t seem terribly bothered by this and decided to bring it back up at a later time.

At this point everyone was near death, and a hard choice was made to tactically withdraw from the caves and find a safe place to camp in the forest to rest and recover their strength. They left the caves, found their goblin prisoner they had tied up before entering the caves along with Bing’s dog Xanth, and retreated a few hundred feet back into the woods to find a safe camping site.

Bing had the third watch of the night. Everything until that point was quiet, but halfway through Bing’s watch he noticed a handful of goblins exiting the cave. Bing decided to get closer to see what they were doing. The goblins seemed to be merely guarding the entrance and after an hour’s vigilance they soon began sleeping on duty. Bing decided to stay awake the rest of the night to keep an eye on these goblins, and as a result he took a level of exhaustion by not having adequate rest. When the rest of the party awoke, they now had to formulate a plan of how to get back into the caves to find their patron Gundren Rockseeker.

After dealing with the two goblins guarding the entrance the characters made a plan to release the wolves in the kennel and go explore the natural chimney at the back of the kennel chamber. The daring rogue Pytor stealthily tried to befriend the chained wolves with an offering of food by way of an arrow. This arrow missed its mark and this made the wolves very angry, snapping at Pytor and pulling at their chains. At this time Bink was just outside the cave entrance blowing the golden whistle he found—the whistle made a low sound as far Bink’s ears could discern, but it made Xanth howl and presumably it would have a similar effect on the wolves. Indeed, the wolves went into a frenzy and pulled the chains until the iron bar tethering the chain was pryed from the ground. Pytor leapt to safety as the wolves ran out the front of the cave, looking for that infernal noise!

Bink had ran from the mouth of the cave to a thick grove of trees nearby and used his quick monk reflexes to climb the tree. The wolves, still bound together by chains, circled the tree Bink was hiding in and then Bink used the lure of food to get them to run around the tree and get stuck. He was then able to make his way inside the cave along with Devon and Sildar to join Petyr in the kennel.



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