The Lost Mines of Phandelver

Wave Echo Cave and Falling Gnomes
Draconic gets useful

Bink saw something, a very loud something falling from the ceiling of the cavern and landing with a plopping sound on the ground about 20 feet away. As the party turned to inspect the strange occurrence a being about 3 feet tall looking solidly built. The creatures grey skin and bald head tickled a memory of something Bink had read once, but couldn’t recall.

The rogue said, “We want to be your friend.” To which the creature mumbled some arcane sounding words and began to blur from sight.

Almost without thinking, Bink ran to the spot where the creature was fading from sight and grabbed onto the back of its padded tunic.

The spell interrupted the creature returned to normal visibility, “Hold on there! We want to talk!”

At his words the creature simply shook his head as if it didn’t understand. Bink thought a moment and speaking in the ancient tongue he had studied and transcribed so much said in Draconic, “Do you speak Draconic?”

With a surprised look on its face it said, “Yes, of course I speak Draconic!” It then made an exasperated expression as it realized it had given away information about itself.

Bink turned to his companions and informed them that the creature speaks Draconic and apparently not much Common.

Devon, the dwarven cleric, whispers a prayer and turns to the dwarf that Bink strongly suspects is not really a dwarf and asks him a couple questions, receiving answers that seem to satisfy him. Bink speaks up and says, “I know you think he is your cousin, but I suspect that it is the drow in disguise and not really your cousin.” Devon then turns to the apparent dwarf and asks, “Are you the Drow in disguise as my cousin?” to which the dwarf answers “No, I am not the drow disguised as your cousin.”

Devon then smiles in triumph and looking around says, “There! My god has told me that he tells the truth!”

Devon then turns to the creature Bink is holding and says, “What is your name?”
“Why are you here?”
“Because I’m running away from them!”
“Them? Them who?”
“Duh! the ones trying to kill me!”
“The Drow?”
“Yes, and the bugbears, and the goblins, and Mezznmer (sp?) as well as whatever else he has with him!”

Bink passed this information on to the others but Pytor was already fascinated with the structure they had been about to enter. Just as Pytor stepped through the door 6 skeletons charged up swords swinging. Bink dropped the creature to go assist with the skeletons The fighter, Kildrak, swung his sword an destroyed one the gnome like creature muttered some more arcane sounding words and a cone of fire flew from his hands disintegrating 2 of the skeletons and leaving one barely standing at the same time the cleric held up his holy sign and spoke a word of power turning the remaining skeletons!

The skeletons destroyed Bink turned back to find the gnome only to find him missing as well as the supposed cousin of the cleric!

The Cragmaw Caves, Pt II
In which a "magic" pot saves our heroes from certain doom.

When we last left our heroes, they had encountered Yeemik, the power-hungry second-in-command of the Cragmaw goblins in the caves. He offered to spare the life of Sildar Hallwinter and let the party go free if they merely kill Klarg so Yeemik can take control of the tribe.

The characters debated this offer, but apparently not quickly enough for Yeemik’s taste. He grew weary of waiting and threw Sildar down the escarpment to his doom. Luckily Bing had been near the base of the cliff to gain cover as he healed and was able to save Sildar from certain death. It was a long battle, but at last the heroes found themselves and Sildar alive and all the goblins dead. Along with a few silver pieces and gold teeth they found an interesting whistle carved from wood but it looked like gold.

More curious was that the brave half-orc paladin Sir Pretok looked quite disheveled—his shiny metal armor seemed to be falling apart, as did his longsword and even his facial features seemed half-formed. Devon pointed this out and Sir Pretok laughed and admitted he was no half-orc nor a paladin, removed the foil that had covered his leather armor and made his rapier seem like a longsword, took off a false nose, and then bowed to the group. “I am, in fact, the greatest rogue in the Sword Coast. ”/characters/pytor" class=“wiki-content-link”>Pytor is my name." Bink and Devon, oddly enough, didn’t seem terribly bothered by this and decided to bring it back up at a later time.

At this point everyone was near death, and a hard choice was made to tactically withdraw from the caves and find a safe place to camp in the forest to rest and recover their strength. They left the caves, found their goblin prisoner they had tied up before entering the caves along with Bing’s dog Xanth, and retreated a few hundred feet back into the woods to find a safe camping site.

Bing had the third watch of the night. Everything until that point was quiet, but halfway through Bing’s watch he noticed a handful of goblins exiting the cave. Bing decided to get closer to see what they were doing. The goblins seemed to be merely guarding the entrance and after an hour’s vigilance they soon began sleeping on duty. Bing decided to stay awake the rest of the night to keep an eye on these goblins, and as a result he took a level of exhaustion by not having adequate rest. When the rest of the party awoke, they now had to formulate a plan of how to get back into the caves to find their patron Gundren Rockseeker.

After dealing with the two goblins guarding the entrance the characters made a plan to release the wolves in the kennel and go explore the natural chimney at the back of the kennel chamber. The daring rogue Pytor stealthily tried to befriend the chained wolves with an offering of food by way of an arrow. This arrow missed its mark and this made the wolves very angry, snapping at Pytor and pulling at their chains. At this time Bink was just outside the cave entrance blowing the golden whistle he found—the whistle made a low sound as far Bink’s ears could discern, but it made Xanth howl and presumably it would have a similar effect on the wolves. Indeed, the wolves went into a frenzy and pulled the chains until the iron bar tethering the chain was pryed from the ground. Pytor leapt to safety as the wolves ran out the front of the cave, looking for that infernal noise!

Bink had ran from the mouth of the cave to a thick grove of trees nearby and used his quick monk reflexes to climb the tree. The wolves, still bound together by chains, circled the tree Bink was hiding in and then Bink used the lure of food to get them to run around the tree and get stuck. He was then able to make his way inside the cave along with Devon and Sildar to join Petyr in the kennel.

Let's Start at the Start
How our story begins

For one reason or another, a small group of adventurers have been hired on to escort a wagon of supplies from the city of Neverwinter to the small town of Phandelver and their road is the Triboar Trail.

They were hired by the dwarven entrepreneur Gundren Rockseeker inside Neverwinter. As soon as the logistics were handled Gundren and his companion Sildar Hallwinter speedily left for Phandelver on horseback. The PCs will be on foot escorting a horse-drawn wagon over a 70-mile voyage.

Our party consists of:

Devan, a dwarven cleric of Marthammor Duin and cousin of Gundren.
Bink, a human monk and his shaggy dog Xanth, who have been wandering throughout the area for some time.
Prutok, a half-orc paladin who seems to keep to himself.

The party made great progress over the first day, but the next day they encountered the scene of an ambush. They had just noticed that one of the dead horses bore a map case with the Rockseeker clan sigil when the party was attacked by hidden goblins.

The goblins didn’t prove to be much of a challenge, and the party thought ahead and spared one of them as a prisoner. Through tracking and interrogation of that goblin they learned that a dwarf and human were ambushed by the tribe and taken to their caves a few hours away.

The party members decided to take that goblin, Blumgard, with them to help point out danger. He didn’t do such a great job and led the party into a snare trap, but then helped them to avoid the subsequent pit trap to spare his own skin. When the group arrived at the cave entrance they snuck up on the goblin guards camped in a blind nearby, killed them, and entered the caves.

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